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Life Sciences & Technology Overview

Recognizing that the business issues and planning opportunities in the life sciences industry are unique, RubinBrown has established a separate group to specialize in this area. Whether you are:

  • a start-up beginning to commercialize your intellectual property
  • key management at a public company working to balance the public interest with the corporate mission
  • an executive at a not-for-profit working to optimize resource allocation to drive the organization’s initiatives

…you, undoubtedly, face multiple challenges and opportunities on a daily basis.

The RubinBrown Life Sciences & Technology Services Group works with local, national and international companies to help them execute their missions by providing superior advisory, accounting and tax solutions.



Entrepreneurial Services

Like many of our clients, you may find yourself and your business in one of the following situations:

  • Seeking a professional advisor on business structure, accounting and tax issues
  • Needing to strengthen record keeping and accounting
  • Requiring more personal, professional attention to challenges during growth
  • Experiencing a change in ownership or other significant event that requires special guidance and service
  • Requesting reviewed or compiled financial statements issued by a respected independent professional services firm

Business owners partner with RubinBrown because we help them improve and grow their businesses. We are not just accountants or tax professionals. We are trusted business advisors—from entering the marketplace to deciding it is time to exit.

Our professionals understand the issues and risks encountered by business owners. We possess a high level of expertise in handling the challenges of managing a profitable, growing business in today’s marketplace. We help our clients by providing:

  • Outsourced accounting services
  • Accounting system implementations
  • Operational reviews and assessments
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Tax return preparation (income, property and sales/use)
  • Payroll tax assistance
  • Start-up services
  • Business plan assistance
  • Budget development and analysis
  • Decision support services
  • Cash flow management
  • Strategic planning

Business Advisory Services

Our professionals understand sources of risk and drivers of value. We forge a deep partnership with our clients. Our team provides cost-effective, value-added solutions to help you mitigate business risks, execute on your organizations vision and unlock value. Business advisory services include:

  • Intellectual asset solutions including:
    • IP audits
    • Intellectual asset management systems
    • IP valuation
    • IP litigation consulting
    • Royalty audits
  • Valuation services including:
    • 409A valuations
    • Fair value reporting valuations (ASC 805 – Business combinations; ASC 350 – Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets)
    • Tax compliance
    • Valuations for transaction purposes
    • Early stage valuations
    • Intangible asset and intellectual property valuations
  • Risk mitigation services including:
    • Internal controls reviews, assessments and implementation
    • Outsourced and co-sourced internal audit services
    • IT internal audit services
    • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance services
  • IT services including:
    • Selection and implementation services
    • IT strategy
    • Data analysis
    • Review and assessments of IT internal controls
  • Mergers and acquisition services including:
    • Strategy
    • Due diligence
    • Integration

Assurance Services

RubinBrown offers a full spectrum of traditional accounting and audit services. We offer a culmination of our audit results in a unique report designed for your business. Our ViewPoints report includes benchmarking information, advice for improving controls, an evaluation of accounting and tax issues and much more.

  • Preparation of financial statements including:
    • Audits
    • Reviews
    • Compilations
  • Financial benchmarking against industry peer groups
  • Agreed-upon procedure reports
  • Benefit plan audits

Tax Strategies

Beyond simply reviewing or preparing your federal and state income tax returns, RubinBrown helps you capitalize on tax saving opportunities and give your business a competitive advantage.

  • Corporate tax, including research and development tax credits, the manufacturing deduction, energy efficiency tax credits and cost segregation studies
  • State & local tax issues like multi-state tax physical, tax credit and incentive optimization, and property tax assessment and challenges
  • Sales and use tax consulting
  • International tax, including structure for international expansion, foreign tax credit planning, debt structure and cash flow planning, IC-DISC implementation, transfer pricing, VAT tax issues, Subpart F planning, expatriate and foreign national income tax assistance


Focus on Life Sciences & Technology: 2016 AgTech Investment

Global venture capital (VC) investment cooled off in 2016, following 2015’s record high levels. Overall VC deal flow slowed nearly 25%, while dollars invested dropped 10%. Poor IPO performance and political uncertainty drove a hesitant fourth quarter, rounding out the down year. The agtech industry was impacted by the global VC decline, yet we see reasons to be optimistic.


Focus on Life Sciences & Technology: 2016 Venture Capital Investment – A Year in Review

Following a banner year in 2015, venture capital (VC) activity returned to a more normalized level in 2016. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ and CBInsights’ MoneyTree™ Report, VC investment in the United States dropped 20% in 2016 to $58.6 billion, down from $73.4 billion in 2015. Deal count decreased to 4,520, down 16% from 2015’s 5,409 deals. Average deal size during 2016 declined roughly $.5 million year-over-year, but is still up nearly $2.4 million compared to 2014.


Focus on Life Sciences & Technology: Staying Safe - The Ins & Outs of IRC 409A Safe Harbor Provisions

Equity based deferred compensation can be a great tool for companies looking to attract, retain and incentivize talent. It is especially potent for early stage companies who may not have the funding or cash flow to pay its employees at a market rate. Use of deferred equity compensation, such as stock options and stock appreciation rights (SARs) does carry some risk.

All Life Sciences & Technology News

RubinBrown has been selected by the Heartland Civic Collaborative (“HCC”) to perform a census of life science assets in the four state region comprised of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Over the next several months RubinBrown will be partnering with HCC and its stakeholders to identify, map, and document entities that are engaged in or support life sciences activities. The Life Sciences Asset Mapping and Census Database project will take place between September 2014 through April 2015 and is expected to provide project stakeholders with a comprehensive picture of life sciences industries in the four state region. At the completion of the census stakeholders will possess actionable business intelligence to support their missions of growing life sciences economic activity in the region and better serving their constituents.

We welcome you to participate in the life sciences census, learn more about the Heartland Civic Collaborative or check out the frequently asked questions.

Visit the Life Sciences Census Page