Certified Public Accountants
& Business Consultants

Campus Recruiting

RubinBrown actively recruits candidates through a variety of resources, including business schools, government agencies, job fairs, classified advertising, colleges, universities and other related organizations.

We host open houses for qualified applicants to tour our office and meet with representatives of RubinBrown.

RubinBrown also participates in job fairs and other related recruiting activities to enhance the opportunity for you to get to know us as we get to know you.


On Campus Interview


On campus interviews are a part of on campus recruiting which occurs during the early fall semester. Interviewing on campus allows students to interact with real RubinBrown team members to discuss internship and full-time opportunities. On campus interviews are organized through your school's career services department.

Be sure to check out when RubinBrown will be on your campus!


Office Interview

Office interviews are typically conducted after on campus interviews, but they can also be performed without an on campus interview. 

During a RubinBrown office interview, students meet with up to 3-4 RubinBrown team members. Our interviewers are looking for candidates who will fit well in the firm, be contributing members to the team and will service clients well.


Office Interview

RubinBrown’s CORE (Creating Opportunities for Remarkable Experiences) Leadership Program is designed to acclimate students to the culture of RubinBrown. The program is conducted in a large group setting and provides students an introduction to the firm through exposure to our service units and core values. The CORE Leadership Program is a truly remarkable experience giving students an early insight into public accounting.

Chicago: June 23, 2021

Denver: May 26, 2021

Kansas City: June 23, 2021

Las Vegas: May 26, 2021

Nashville: June 2 & 3, 2021

St. Louis:  June 2 & 3, 2021


Internship Program

RubinBrown’s internship program is designed to give students a hands-on introduction into public accounting. Our immersive program gives students the opportunity to experience working as a first-year staff team member, while also being mentored for future full-time opportunities.

  • The extensive internship schedule will include the following:
  • Complete client engagements, assignments, and projects in the office and the client site
  • Attend technology and department training
  • Participate in a teambuilding
  • Internship project with fellow interns (summer program)

The internship program is offered during tax season and during the summer. We offer part-time or full-time internships during the winter/spring and full-time internships during the summer. The internship program is designed for accounting and finance students following their junior or senior year of college. Internship opportunities are available in RubinBrown's Assurance Services, Tax Consulting Services or Business Advisory Services Groups.



Full-Time Opportunity

RubinBrown offers full-time, entry-level positions each year. New graduates will have the following opportunities in a full-time, entry-level position:

  • Complete client engagements, assignments and projects including direct communication with clients
  • Prepare fieldwork, financial statements, tax returns, etc.
  • Participate in the budget process
  • Attend training and orientation

Full-time entry-level positions are offered to accounting and finance students graduating as CPA eligible candidates (or other applicable certifications) beginning in January or the fall of each year, depending on graduation dates. Full-time, entry-level opportunities are available in RubinBrown's Assurance Services, Tax Consulting Services or Business Advisory Services Groups.