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Supply Chain Solutions Overview

Mitigate Risk. Create Efficiency. Decrease Costs. Increase Productivity.

The supply chain team at RubinBrown is ready to help you mitigate risk, decrease costs, create capacity and efficiencies, and increase productivity. Our team will help optimize your supply chain with the goal of boosting profitability.

RubinBrown’s supply chain team specializes in end-to-end and integrated demand and supply planning services, which include supply chain process improvement and inventory management and optimization. The team focuses on privately held companies across the country with $25 million to $100 million in revenue.

The team consists of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and other process improvement and inventory management experts trained in various disciplines with hands-on, industry experience working at companies just like yours. This diversity of training and background allows us to provide supply chain solutions that may not be as in-depth elsewhere.

The supply chain team is part of RubinBrown’s Manufacturing & Distribution Services Group, which supports more than 450 clients across the United States, with annual revenues ranging from $1 million to $7 billion.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is all about streamlining and creating efficiencies that ultimately add value to the customer.  We have specialized experts with backgrounds in accounting and consulting that focus on business efficiency and improvement every day.

The objective is to drive waste and inefficiencies out of the supply chain, to decrease costs while increasing productivity. RubinBrown utilizes Lean techniques to:

  • Document the current state of business operations
  • Deploy cross-functional teams to identify improvement areas, streamline processes and eliminate non-value added activities
  • Develop a  an idealfuture state in each link of the supply chain

Once a future state is developed, RubinBrown assists in the implementation of each improvement area, designing a future state operating model and a prioritized, integrated roadmap.


Inventory Management

The team at RubinBrown can help you manage, analyze and optimize inventory while assessing risks that may lie within your inventory.  

The objective is to efficiently manage inventory and ensure you have the right inventory on hand at the right place and the right time to meet customer demand. The following areas are critical to achieving this objective:

  • Accurate tracking of inventory
  • Demand forecasting, purchasing and production planning
  • Understanding the impact of each product offering

RubinBrown’s team of inventory experts can help you navigate these critical areas by identifying opportunities to improve inventory processes.

SOC for Supply Chain

In addition to the supply chain solutions listed above, RubinBrown also has a dedicated team that is leading the industry in SOC for supply chain services. These examinations report on controls over a manufacturing, production or distribution system and communicate relevant information to stakeholders about the entity’s supply chain risk-management efforts, processes, and controls in place to detect, prevent and respond to supply chain risks.

Supply chain management is a crucial business activity that has the potential to impact virtually all areas of a manufacturer’s business model.  Understanding where challenges, strengths, risk and opportunities are present in your supply chain has the potential to create immediate and continuing value to your business.

Case Studies

  • RubinBrown was engaged by a multimillion dollar food manufacturer to investigate why its process loss jumped unexpectedly by 10%. We began by observing, receiving and warehousing operations including quality control procedures for stored raw materials. We then worked through the production process to determine the data being gathered and how the results were being analyzed. Finally, the team worked with one of the client's customers to determine if delivery methods had changed. The resulting report recommended increased measurement and monitoring over both raw materials and the production process. Management was able to take our report and internally change procedures to better manage their operations, resulting in decreased costs, time saved and increased productivity.
  • RubinBrown assisted a $250 million manufacturer to analyze its warehouse layout. The warehouse carried a large number of SKUs in various locations. The solution RubinBrown provided included reconfiguring the warehouse layout and improving purchasing practices to reduce the overall space needed. This resulted in increased capacity, more efficiencies and decreased costs.

Supply chain management is a crucial business activity that has the potential to impact virtually all areas of a distributor’s business model. Understanding where challenges, strengths, risks and opportunities are present in your supply chain has the potential to create immediate and continuing value to your business.

Case Studies

  • RubinBrown assisted a client in identifying and resolving a physical inventory issue in a decentralized warehouse location. Through a systematic assessment, we determined the organization was not prepared to accept the initial shipments of materials from their customer's existing warehouse into their own (i.e., no inventory system online, racking set-up, and lack of experienced warehouse personnel). Furthermore, the ongoing receiving, shipping, and cycle counting processes in place were not entirely effective. The solution RubinBrown provided included assisting the company in determining the root causes of the issue, facilitating a wall-to-wall physical inventory count and reconciliation, and designing procedures to ensure proper inventory management going forward. A client requested RubinBrown assess their inventory management processes. The client's objective was to streamline inventory systems while at the same time maintaining their customer response rate and customer satisfaction. Over the course of six months, RubinBrown analyzed the supply chain from purchasing through seven individual warehouses and production facilities. Our recommendations included updating purchasing systems, increasing inventory accuracy through cycle counts, consolidating several departments, managing inventory into one department and reorganizing warehouse layouts. The resulting report served as a blue print for our client to more efficiently manage inventory while maintaining client satisfaction.