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Religious Organizations Overview

Recognizing that the complexities surrounding the not-for-profit industry are unique, RubinBrown has established a dedicated group to serve these organizations.

Our team includes experienced professionals, all of whom possess industry expertise, as well as the tools essential to serve all types of not-for-profit organizations.

As one of the largest public accounting firms in the region, our team has access to resources to assist with tax consulting, employee benefits, advisory services, regulatory, compliance and much more.

RubinBrown is recognized as a leader in the not-forprofit industry and currently serves more than 250 organizations.

Focused On Religious Organizations

To better serve our not-for-profit clients and help focus on the specific and complex issues faced by different facets of the not-for-profit industry, we have aligned our professionals in segments, including our "Religious Organizations Group."

Our team understands that religious organizations face unique challenges resulting from:

  • Changing demographics and effect on membership/ attendance levels
  • Aging population and decline in donor support
  • Struggle of meeting members’ needs and future health of the organization
  • Impact of economy on giving levels, investments and earnings
  • Dependence on assistance from volunteers
  • Cash basis operations and necessary control environment

We are well versed in issues related to religious organizations and able to provide expert guidance on all operational and accounting issues.