Certified Public Accountants
& Business Consultants

Digital Forensics & Litigation Support

RubinBrown's digital forensic specialists assist with investigations and litigation support. Services include assisting with preservation of evidence, chain of custody issues, disk and data duplication, data recovery, timeline analysis, forensic analysis, expert witness testimony, and other efforts related to the overall inquiry. Our team of digital forensic analysts has experience performing these services in both criminal and civil litigation and are trained to operate across a variety of cloud solutions, computer types and mobile devices.

Our digital forensic specialists collaborate with our forensic accountants and Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) to integrate the forensic analysis into the larger context of the investigations. The combined team with financial, operational, technical and investigative experience helps our clients identify financial irregularities, analyze complex business issues, identify underlying activities, and mitigate losses.

We use the following general approach to assist with digital forensics requests: 

  • Interviews and Fact Finding
  • Investigation Strategy Development
  • Evidence Collection and Preservation
  • System, Data and Information Analysis
  • Identification and Correlation of Relevant Artifacts
  • Integration and Collaboration with Primarily Investigators
  • Specialized Analysis Services (e.g., correlation, analytics, fraud, etc.)
  • Report on Finding