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It’s a matter of when, not if, you will be impacted by a cyber security event. Cyber crime is a low-risk, high reward, endeavor for criminals, and with high enough returns it is attracting highly organized and sophisticated criminals.

CyberSecurity_Cycle.pngThe attack surface available to these criminals is global, anyone connected to the internet is a potential target and with the fragmented global legal enforcement, cyber criminals often act with no fear of criminal prosecution. The increased volume and sophistication of the threats means anyone connecting to the internet must use a continuous process of assessing and addressing threats and vulnerabilities. Quickly identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, minimizes the risk of compromise and breach. RubinBrown can help organizations design, plan and preform these assessments.

RubinBrown’s Cyber Security Services team monitors emerging threats and trends, develops tools and methodologies to address them. Our driving goal is to help our clients protect their environment and reduce the risk before a significant cyber security event. Some of frequently asked questions fielded by our Cyber Security Services team:


How do I get started? What do I need to do and how do I get there?

Start with a high level review of cyber security threats, risks and posture, then develop a security roadmap designed around the organization.

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How do I make sure my technology is up to date (good security hygiene)?

First, start with technical network security vulnerability and penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities. Then design a vulnerability management plan to keep you on track.

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Can my security controls keep out hackers and criminals?

Testing your environment against hackers and criminals should be performed at least annually to make sure you stay “hard and crunchy” on the outside and you are addressing internal vulnerabilities in a timely manner.

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What compliance requirements apply to us and how do we meet those requirements?

Whether you are dealing with healthcare information (HIPAA), credit cards (PCI DSS), government (NIST), or any of the other compliance requirements, we can help review the requirements and help you address them appropriately.

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People are the weakest link, how do we turn our people into security assets?

Making your people human firewalls requires training, testing and reinforcement. We recommend an annual Security Awareness Training Program with short monthly activities.

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We need help with security, but we aren’t large enough to justify a full time security person – any suggestions?

RubinBrown provides “virtual Chief Information Security Officer” (or vCISO) services tailored to each organization’s needs. RubinBrown can help with any variety of annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly or strictly on demand support to address your requirements.

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Ransomware is terrifying – how do we know if we are at risk and what do we do about it?

Go through the entire environment checking the people, process and technology factors exploited by ransomware. Check awareness, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and incident response plans to identify potential issues.

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We don’t want to “buy a breach,” what due diligence should we do before acquiring another company (or at least before we connect them to our network)?

Pre-purchase due diligence or post-purchase pre-integration testing help identify security issues, compliance requirements, and gather detailed information about the environment and security operations so your team can make informed decisions.

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We are investigating an issue and need to make sure the evidence is preserved and we find everything possible, how do we do that?

Our digital forensics specialists assist in digital forensics, searches and correlation efforts, preservation of data, and recovery of data. The specialists are supported by additional specialists around the firm if forensic accounting, fraud analysis or data analytics are required.

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One size does not fit all. Most clients’ security requirements are unique, changing as new threats emerge and your organization grows. The Cyber Security Services leadership has decades of experience performing hundreds of projects. We have the experience and understanding to adapt our approach to your needs and requirements.


Focus on Cyber Security: Microsoft Exchange Attacks

The recent announcement of multiple threats to on premise Microsoft Exchange 2013-2019 Servers highlights the need for constant vigilance for internet accessible systems and applications.


Focus on Cyber Security: SolarWinds Cyber Attack

The recent intrusion of high profile government systems via the SolarWinds Orion vulnerability has gained quite a bit of media attention and is likely to dominate the cyber security news cycle for the foreseeable future.


Focus on Cyber Security: Security Weakness in Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)

On July 21, 2020, the FBI issued a Private Industry Notification (PIN 20200721-001) describing an industry and academic study performed on a set of self-certified ELDs identifying a number of security vulnerabilities.


COVID-19: Cloud Security Health Check

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many organizations to rapidly adopt cloud solutions for email, office applications, collaboration and conferencing.


COVID-19: Themed Cyber Attacks

Law enforcement around the world are sending out alerts warning of increased attacks and fraud attempts as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic.