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Information Technology Risk Services

Transformation of technology is moving faster than ever. Trust is becoming paramount.

RubinBrown helps manage your IT risk so you can manage your business and transform technology into a competitive advantage.

The RubinBrown IT Risk Services team brings the latest tools and methodologies to help you so you don't have to build out the skillsets as changes happen rapidly.

Unlike many technology risk advisors, RubinBrown, a PCAOB registered firm, also offers a full range of business consulting services. Drawing on financial, management and operational expertise, we help smooth the technology transformation with the depth and breadth of our resources.

System Improvement & ERP Solutions

In today's business environment, an ERP system that is secured, optimized and supports your business needs is key for success. Our professionals can help with a variety of solutions, whether you are considering an ERP system or have had systems in place for many years.

System Implementation Support
Looking for a partner to implement controls and structure into your ERP development and final solution? We can provide independent implementation oversight to help ensure that your implementation stays on task, on budget and, as necessary, controlled in a manner to support your business in the most cost efficient manner.

ERP Effectiveness
You made a significant investment in your ERP system, but do you know if you are optimizing your system use? Are your automated controls implemented? Our team can assess your business processes and provide you a road map for optimization of your ERP including helping to ensure your system's configuration is in line with your internal control policies and that your resources are effectively utilized.

Segregation of Duties & Compliance
Segregation of duties (SoD) is often a difficult task for companies to implement on their own. Our professionals possess experience and tools to help identify SoD conflicts, verify their root causes and help you develop strategies and processes to maintain an organized and sustainable program. Additionally, we can help tailor your Governance Risk and Compliance environment to help effectively implement and manage policies and their supporting controls to maintain a strong risk posture.

Security & Controls
Security in an ERP environment can be very complicated. We can lend you our experience to assess your environment and help you develop security processes, controls and strategies that will enable secure processing of transactions in your environment. We can also assist in planning the security resilience of your environment.

One of the most challenging aspects of using an ERP system is to develop a good reporting strategy. We can help you determine the information required to manage your business and map those requirements to specific reports to help ensure everyone receives consistent and reliable information.

IT Risk Assessment & Response

An assessment of IT risk, whether it is across an organization or in a particular evolving area, helps align your strategic business goals with the IT environment to achieve success. This type of audit ensures that your IT assets are reliable, available, and compliant within your organization's regulations and needs. With our IT risk assessments and/or targeted IT audits and IT risk response services, we provide direction on actions to advance your business. These can be performed in conjunction with financial statement audits, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, internal audit, SOC or other attestation engagements, or in response to incidents.