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Valuation Services

Valuations are critical for making optimal decisions when managing or evaluating a business, buying or selling assets, resolving disputes, or preserving and enhancing wealth.

Valuations are essential when it comes to withstanding the rigorous examinations of regulatory agencies (e.g., the SEC, IRS, and PCAOB), external auditors, outside investors, boards of directors, lenders and other corporate advisors.

The valuation experts at RubinBrown provide accurate, objective, and timely valuations to private and public operating companies, asset holding companies, financial institutions, private equity/hedge funds and high-net worth individuals and families.


2016-Food-Beverage-Review.jpgMiddle Market Food & Beverage Sector 2016 Update

This publication examines the middle market food and beverage industries by looking at both M&A transaction activity during 2016 as well as the performance of U.S. public companies in the space.

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RubinBrown’s seasoned team of valuation professionals specialize in providing valuation services for financial reporting purposes, tax planning and compliance, transaction advisory, litigation disputes, and bankruptcy. As detailed below, RubinBrown’s integrated suite of valuation services encompasses the following primary service areas:

Financial Reporting (Fair Value Measurement Under FASB ASC 820)

  • Purchase price allocations in connection with business combinations and fresh start accounting (ASC 805/ASC 852)
    • Tangible assets
    • Intangible assets
    • Goodwill
    • Debt and other liabilities
    • Contingent consideration
  • Impairment testing for goodwill and long-lived assets (ASC 350/ASC 360)
    • Consulting services for Step 0 (qualitative) testing
    • Step 1 (quantitative) testing
    • Step 2 fair value remeasurement
  • Tangible asset valuation
    • Machinery and equipment appraisal
  • Other fair value measurement
    • Share-based compensation (ASC 718)
    • Preferred, common and convertible securities (ASC 825)
    • Debt securities (ASC 825)

Tax Planning & Compliance

  • Gift and estate tax (IRC § 2501)
  • Employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs)
  • Asset acquisitions (IRC § 338/§ 1060)
  • Equity compensation grants (IRC § 409A/§ 83b)
  • Corporate transactions, elections and reorganizations

Transaction & Private Equity Advisory

  • Internal transactions between owners
  • Third party transactions
  • Asset purchases and sales
  • Asset financing
  • Intellectual property valuation
  • Independent valuations for private equity funds

Litigation, Arbitration & Other Disputes

  • Shareholder and partner disputes
  • Income and estate tax disputes
  • Commercial litigation
  • Minority shareholder oppression
  • Securities litigation
  • Employment disputes (share-based compensation)
  • Marital litigation
  • Pre-litigation disputes
  • Appraisal reviews
  • Property tax appeals


  • Solvency opinions
  • Restructuring and reorganization plans
  • Fresh start accounting

RubinBrown valuation experts perform their work consistent with the most current U.S. and international accounting guidance and promulgations, which results in a high quality work product that withstands the requisite audit and regulatory scrutiny.

FASB = Financial Accounting Standards Board
ASC = Accounting Standards Codification, as promulgated by FASB
IRC = Internal Revenue Code, as promulgated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)