Certified Public Accountants
& Business Consultants

Private Client Services

RubinBrown’s Private Client Services Group works with clients to provide sophisticated financial advice related to your tax, estate and financial planning needs to help you grow and preserve your wealth across generations.  

RubinBrown looks at your entire financial footprint to help develop and implement strategies to achieve your financial goals. Our team explains the ins and outs of your tax situation so you can take advantage of certain tax opportunities that may be applicable to you.

Working with a team that understands the depth of tax matters impacting your business and your family is paramount. The RubinBrown team will be your trusted resource through all phases of your planning including:

  • Income tax planning
  • Estate, gift and trust planning
  • Business succession and wealth generational succession planning
  • Family office services
  • Financial planning


Tax Planning & Compliance Services

RubinBrown‘s Private Client Services Group offers high-net-worth individuals and families, family office groups, and their associated businesses sophisticated, integrated, and confidential tax and wealth advisory solutions.

You’ll receive proactive counsel to help you avoid missteps, reduce your tax liability, and achieve your immediate and future financial goals.

The team at RubinBrown will advise you on things such as:

  • Reducing income tax
  • Preserving your net worth
  • Managing the wealth you’ve accumulated
  • Interpreting ever-changing tax laws and regulations
  • Tax hikes for high-income earners
  • Capital gains tax rates
  • Transferring wealth to heirs
  • Giving to charities
  • Selling or passing on your business

Estate, Gift and Trust Planning and Compliance Services

Our estate planning specialists help confirm that the assets you have accumulated over many years of hard work are distributed in accordance with your wishes while avoiding unnecessary taxes and expenses.

RubinBrown’s Private Client Services Group designs estate and wealth transfer plans that minimize both lifetime transfer tax and/or taxes due at death to maximize the wealth retention for your family and heirs.

We get to know your unique circumstance and goals in order to bring you the appropriate solutions such as:

  • Ensuring you have the right estate documents in place to meet your legacy objectives and that your assets are properly titled in order to implement the plan.
  • Protecting your assets so that you can maintain or improve your current living situation.
  • Developing a financial plan that provides for your heirs at various stages of their lives.
  • Working with attorneys to coordinate drafting of legal estate documents
  • Reviewing of alternative charitable contribution strategies
  • Supporting and administering of private foundations and charitable trusts

Your successful financial journey begins with a complete roadmap specific to your needs and the aspirations you have for yourself, your family and your business.


Business Succession and Wealth Generational Succession Planning

You’ve worked hard to be where you are and RubinBrown’s Private Client Services Group will help make sure your success carries on.

Working with you, we can help develop a business succession plan to get the next generation of leaders for your business prepared to carry on your legacy.

In addition, we will help you and your family plan your wealth in a way that will preserve it across generations.


Family Office Services

Managing substantial wealth is a complex process. It is difficult for high net worth (HNW) families to constantly balance the needs for their families, both for today and for future generations. In order to do so, HNW families must skillfully manage wealth, monitor investment performance, and make critical course adjustments that could have intergenerational or social impact. The demand for these family office type services has greatly been created by an economy which requires the thoughtful combination of tax, personal cash flow management, wealth transfer, accounting, and investment management services. With one of these services missing from the offering, HNW families are exposed to mismanaged wealth.

RubinBrown’s Family Office Services solution is designed to deliver this value added service for which the HNW client is looking. RubinBrown is unique in that it supports traditional tax and accounting services, as well as advanced wealth transfer solutions and investment management services.  

By working with our Family Office specialists, HNW families can remove the uncertainty involved in planning and protecting their family wealth. We will develop a customized solution depending on the family’s needs that will provide them with a wide range of independent advice designed to optimize their financial positions to ensure family long-term goals and objectives are successfully met.

RubinBrown provides Family Office Services through an integrated process in a variety of areas including family financial reporting and accounting, family governance and stewardship, financial planning, and cash flow management.

Family Financial Reporting and Accounting

  • Separate and consolidated reporting on family assets
  • Family generational dashboard
  • Accounting for family entities and individuals
  • Bill payment of invoices and taxes
  • Bank statement and investment account reconciliation

Family Governance and Stewardship

  • Assistance with development of strategic vision for the family and family office
  • Organizing family meetings
  • Guidance on best practices for integrating the next generation, including ensuring family education commitments
  • Develop succession plans to maintain efficient transition of ownership
  • Coordinate trustee and beneficiary responsibilities

Financial Planning

  • Goal setting and monitoring
  • Implementation assistance
  • Proactive annual monitoring to track progress in meeting goals
  • Coordination with other advisors to implement plan
  • Assistance with education funding accounts and trusts
  • Lifestyle management and budgeting (household help, private jets, multiple properties, artwork)

Cash Flow Management

  • Net worth statement and cash flow analysis
  • Managing liquidity for the family
  • Emergency, retirement and goal savings analysis
  • Budgeting and forecasting analysis

Personal Financial Planning Services

Everyone needs a financial plan. Whether you are just starting out or deciding how to best preserve that which you have accumulated for future generations, your objectives are more likely to be accomplished with a clear direction that considers all aspects of your life…in an integrated approach.

As experienced professionals, we know the most rewarding financial plans include the successful integration of your goals, resources, stage of life and tolerance for risk. To ensure this happens, we have built a veteran team that includes investment advisors, attorneys, certified public accountants and insurance professionals to help guide you through the planning process.

RubinBrown can assist you with:

  • Portfolio observations
  • Review of asset allocation and investment risk/return profile
  • Analysis of investment holdings tax efficiency
  • Analysis of investment fees all-in cost
  • An independent sounding board for potential investment ideas
  • Portfolio performance analysis and quarterly review of portfolio performance