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Focus on Cyber Security: Changing Technology and the Role of CPA Firms

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With the rapid pace that technology evolves, understanding how those changes can impact business is important.
August 27, 2018

With the rapid pace that technology evolves, understanding how those changes can impact business is important.

Audrey Katcher, a Partner in RubinBrown’s SOC and Cyber Services Group recently discussed with the Journal of Accountancy ways technology is changing how clients secure their data.

“It’s not the shiny technology that’s causing clients issues,” Katcher says, “It’s the governance that is needed to manage that technology, it’s the understanding of what they are trying to protect or report on, it’s having the skillsets to really analyze the magnitude of the information that they have. Then on top of all the technology changes, they have to tell others how they are protecting the information, reporting it accurately and doing it at a very, very fast pace.”

CPA firms can help clients with cyber security and data security issues, through the lifecycle of that information by assessing and recommending how to secure it. Firms can help clients understand what information needs to be secured and can take it all the way to an attestation that can be used by a third-party.

Watch the full videos below to hear what Audrey has to say about the impact of changing technology and the comfort between companies and their third-parties. Alternatively, visit the Journal of Accountancy’s website for more information.


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 Source: Journal of Accountancy, How Technology is Forcing CPA Firms to Evolve


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Source: Journal of Accountancy, How to Provide Cybersecurity Advice


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