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COVID-19: Missouri Non-Profit Relief and Recovery Grant Program

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This week, Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced the Non-Profit Relief and Recovery Grant program.
July 30, 2020

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This week, Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced the Non-Profit Relief and Recovery Grant program.

Through this program, the Missouri Department of Economic Development will make up to $22 million available to 501(c)(3) organizations (other than hospitals, hospital foundations, schools, post-secondary education institutions, foundations and animal charities) that are located and registered in Missouri and in good standing with the Missouri Secretary of State. Faith-based organizations are also eligible to participate as long as inherently religious activities are not funded by the grant, participation in religion or religious activities is not required to receive grant funded services, and the organization does not discriminate against participants for services on the basis of religion or religious beliefs.

The maximum request is $250,000. Applicants must show a direct link between the COVID-19 crisis and their ability to provide services or a significant increase in demand for services by the community. The grant is to cover costs incurred or to be incurred between March 1 and November 15, 2020. Grant funds can be used to cover hazard pay for direct healthcare workers, leasing additional space to meet social distancing guidelines, the cost of testing, payroll and supply expenses related to increased demand for services.

Applications will be accepted in two waves. The first wave is from now until August 14, 2020. Organizations eligible for this first wave of applications are those whose services are substantially dedicated to address critical needs resulting from the COVID-19 public health emergency in the areas of homelessness prevention, job training, food insecurity, at-risk youth services, childcare, and educational support. Wave two will begin on August 19 and last through August 28, 2020. Organizations eligible for round two are non-profits providing services not eligible for wave one funding who can demonstrate they are suffering from direct and second order effects of the public health emergency.

Organizations can request an application by emailing 


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