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It’s that time of year when many businesses will be receiving a notice of value in the mail containing a reassessed value of their property. This could potentially mean an increase in property tax liabilities and significantly impact a business’s operating expenses and bottom line.

RubinBrown Partner Tony Nitti authored an article on the tax ramifications related to opportunity zones. This article appeared in The Tax Adviser. In summary, the article details that the newly created qualified opportunity zones offer an intriguing tax planning option for investors and a potential boon for distressed communities.

RubinBrown Partner Tony Nitti recently took part in a nonpartisan tax think tank which debated the pros and cons of the new Section 199A, more widely known as the 20% pass-through deduction. 

Last week, RubinBrown Partner Tony Nitti spoke on a panel that analyzed the new tax law, as well as the latest views about the law among taxpayers and journalists.
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