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Business Advisory Services

Today's economic conditions are constantly changing as businesses try to grow while managing risks and complying with laws, regulations and internal policies.

RubinBrown's greatest asset is the 'thought leadership' of our seasoned professionals. We have directed and consulted with a wide variety of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 public companies to startup private companies.

Our talented professionals provide cost-effective, value-added solutions to improve the financial position and operations of your business. RubinBrown's Business Advisory Services team provides solutions-based services in the following areas.

Business Improvement Services

RubinBrown's Business Improvement Services focus on planning, improving and executing business strategies and processes with an objective view that aligns activities with the needs of your clients and stakeholders. Business Improvement is composed of two offerings:


Business Process Improvement: We focus on making business processes efficient and lean. We have several Lean Six Sigma Belts on our staff that lead teams of professionals with significant experience in process improvement. A typical project can lead to 50% improvement in time savings or capacity availability.


Business Intelligence: We organize your data and create monitoring mechanisms that help you effectively manage your business. When used in combination with Business Process Improvement, you will see concrete results that can be sustained. 


Business Reorganization & Financial Restructuring Services

RubinBrown has extensive experience dealing with bankruptcy cases. We help troubled companies survive and continue to operate, negotiating with creditors and providing owners with return on their investment.

In the event a company cannot withstand business difficulties, we help owners and creditors maximize liquidation proceeds, recovering as much as possible.


Through our reorganization services, we provide critical assistance with both in-court and out-of-court matters to companies that are in crisis, underperforming, or healthy companies with underperforming sectors. We have helped numerous clients stabilize their operational and financial performance.

Cyber Security Advisory Services

It’s a matter of when, not if, you will be impacted by a cyber security breach. With the emergence of the cloud and growing engagement through mobile and social networks, IT and business processes need to adapt in order to meet new compliance requirements and general best practices. RubinBrown has a dedicated team specializing in cyber security services designed to meet each client’s requirements.


Enterprise Risk Management Services

RubinBrown’s experience has shown that the risk culture is so highly fragmented at many organizations that Board members, and the CEO, may find it hard to engage in a meaningful and informed analysis.


When properly implemented, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) can be an extremely powerful tool for identifying and taking advantage of the risks facing your organization.


ERM supports value creation by enabling management to deal effectively with potential future events that create uncertainty. Effective ERM helps management respond in a manner that reduces the likelihood of downside outcomes and increases the upside.


Everyday, value is created, preserved or eroded by management decisions in all activities, from strategy setting to running day-to-day operations. RubinBrown will help your company manage risks to create a competitive advantage that increases stakeholder value.


Fraud & Forensics Services

RubinBrown's team of forensic experts are experienced in performing a wide range of fraud and forensic services. Our financial, operational and investigative experience helps organizations identify financial irregularities, analyze complex business issues and mitigate losses.


When corporations suspect a misappropriation of assets, fraudulent financial reporting or other misconduct, RubinBrown investigates to determine the existence and nature of the fraud as well as the perpetrator. We quantify the fraud losses and, where possible, help clients identify recovery options. We also work with our clients to identify fraud risk factors and recommend changes to strengthen internal controls to help prevent and deter fraud.


Information Technology Risk Services

As Information Technology (IT) is leveraged to continually improve business performance, the business risk IT represents increases.


RubinBrown is focused on utilizing our industry leadership and insight to provide balanced solutions to identify risk through technology and manage risk in technology. Our services focus on:

  • SOC 1, SOC2 and SOC3: Attestation for internal control over financial reporting or security, privacy, confidentiality, processing integrity and/or availability. You will benefit from our experience in developing industry guidance and our diagnostic analysis to help determine the best report for your business.
  • IT General Controls: We provide this service with a focus on security and change control. Our experience ranges from mainframe to Windows/Active Directory.
  • IT Risk Assessment: Our proven approach enables us to present IT risks in the context of the broader business risks, which is foundational in formulating a strategy.
  • Data Assurance & Analysis: Our seasoned professionals and mix of tools, including Access, Power B1, Microsoft SQC Analysis Services, ACL and IDEA, provide business insights and minimize data integrity risk.
  • IT Audit/Internal Audit: Our top-down, risk-based approach to system and process controls will help you focus on strategies that are cost beneficial to your entity. Our experience includes major ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.


Information Technology Services

The IT Group, part of RubinBrown's Business Advisory Services, is a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Sage Master Developer and Intuit Solution Provider. Our team of technology and business professionals delivers a comprehensive set of solutions for ERP and Retail needs.

  • System implementation
  • System integration
  • Report writing and analytics development
  • Retail point of sale (POS) implementation

RubinBrown is committed to providing leading edge products and services. To achieve this, our information technology professionals frequently participate in ongoing technical training and certifications.


Litigation Services

RubinBrown maintains a staff of professionals experienced in providing a comprehensive range of services to attorneys and their clients involved in a variety of litigation and dispute matters.


Our experts have experience providing services that encompass accounting malpractice, breaches, franchise/distributor disputes, intellectual property, lost profit quantification, product liability claims, and more.


Our involvement in litigation support engagements includes all phases of the dispute process, from pre-petition fact-finding through trial.


Mergers & Acquisitions Services

Our team of mergers and acquisitions experts focus on the entire life cycle of the transaction process for both buyers and sellers. Our services include:

  • Acquisition and divestiture strategies
  • Due diligence
  • Integration services

From the initial thought of buying or selling to the critical post-closing and integration activities that must occur, our comprehensive approach maximizes the value of the transaction for our clients.


Risk Services

We provide guidance to management on the execution of cross-functional, data-driven approaches to risk management and internal audit services to evaluate existing enterprise risk management programs against global best practices.


RubinBrown's experience has shown that the risk culture at many organizations is so highly fragmented, board members and the CEO may find it hard to engage in a meaningful and informed analysis.


Our experienced team is adept at providing risk services consulting including project management, change management, enterprise risk assessment facilitation and sustainable program design.


Valuation Services

The Valuation professionals at RubinBrown are specialists that focus on the valuation of businesses and business interests as well as intangible assets.


We can assist with the identification and valuation of intangible assets acquired in a business combination, per Financial Accounting Standard Board's (FASB) ASC 805 - Business Combinations. We will also determine the fair value of goodwill, to test for potential impairment under ASC 350 - Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets.

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