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Business Improvement Services

At RubinBrown, our commitment is to provide services that create value, wealth and prosperity for our clients and the community. As part of that commitment, our Business Improvement team consists of professionals experienced in delivering process improvement and business intelligence solutions to your most critical issues.

Process Improvement

Process improvement can be defined as the relentless pursuit of perfection through the elimination of activities that do not add value to the customer. By concentrating on process improvement, you could experience decreased costs, lower production time and increased quality.

The process improvement team at RubinBrown consists of Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and other process improvement experts trained in various disciplines. This diversity of training and thought allows us to provide process improvement solutions that may not be readily apparent to others.

Annual Lean Seminar & Lean Roundtable Program

RubinBrown experts, along with other nationally recognized lean experts from around the country come together each year to share our experiences with lean process improvement.

Our lean roundtable program provides a forum for organizations to share their experience in continuous improvement as well as network with their peers.

RubinBrown can help you in your process improvement efforts in the following ways:

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Lean consulting and implementation
  • Process mapping
  • Strategic planning

Business Intelligence

As part of our mission to help your business create value and to help you operate your business more efficiently, we believe it is important to have a data-driven management approach rather than operating on a gut feeling. This enhances your ability to manage strategically rather than being reactionary. One way to achieve this is by having the ability to check the pulse of the key functions of your business through real-time business intelligence (BI).

Business intelligence is the ability to collect, analyze and present actionable information to monitor or influence business processes and decisions. RubinBrown's team of knowledgeable experts can work with you to ensure that you are capturing and monitoring the key performance indicators (KPIs) of all your business functions to help you make timely, proactive business decisions.

RubinBrown can help you in your business intelligence efforts in the following ways:

  • Identification of key performance indicators
  • Creating real-time dashboards and other monitoring tools
  • Assessing your current information system's BI capabilities or recommending BI software

Case Studies

Process Improvement

Inventory Management

A client requested RubinBrown assess their inventory management processes. The client's objective was to streamline their inventory systems while at the same time maintaining their customer response rate and customer satisfaction. Over the course of six months, RubinBrown analyzed the client supply chain from purchasing through seven individual warehouses and production facilities. Our recommendations included updating purchasing systems, increasing inventory accuracy through cycle counts, consolidating several departments, managing inventory into one department and reorganizing warehouse layouts. The resulting report served as a blue print for our client to more efficiently manage inventory while maintaining client satisfaction.

Production Process Analysis

RubinBrown was engaged by a food manufacturer to investigate why their process loss jumped unexpectedly by 10%. We began our work by observing receiving and warehousing operations including quality control procedures for stored raw materials. We then worked through the production process to determine the data being gathered and how the results were being analyzed. Finally, we worked with one of the client's customers to determine if delivery methods had changed. The resulting report recommended increased measurement and monitoring over both raw materials and the production process. Management was able to take our report and internally change procedures to better manage their operations.

Warehousing & Distribution

RubinBrown assisted a client in identifying and resolving a physical inventory issue in a decentralized warehouse location. Through systematic assessment of our client, we determined they were not prepared to accept the initial shipments of materials from their customer's existing warehouse into their own (i.e., no inventory system on-line, racking set-up, or lack of experienced warehouse personnel). Furthermore, the on-going receiving, shipping, and cycle counting processes in place were not entirely effective. The solution RubinBrown provided included assisting the company in determining the root causes of the problems, facilitating a wall-to-wall physical inventory count and reconciliation, and designing procedures to ensure proper inventory management going forward that eliminated the problem entirely.

Business Intelligence

Real-Time Internal Reporting

RubinBrown has implemented several internal applications using Microsoft SharePoint to provide real-time scheduling, pipeline and new business reporting, document sharing, financial dashboards, and other KPIs. This allows for greater transparency for team members.

Customer Service Calls

RubinBrown helped a consumer goods company devise a strategy for categorizing, capturing and monitoring the subject matter of its customer service calls in order to better serve its customers in the future.

This included dashboards and trend reporting that provided real time updates to key stakeholders in the company. This allowed the client to quickly identify and address potential product issues.

Inventory Cost Trend Reporting

RubinBrown helped a company develop a strategy to monitor and react to changing pricing by creating trend reports. This included reporting and alerting when product costs increased or decreased within specific percentages over specific time frames. This allowed for better purchase planning and improved vendor negotiations.