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State & Local Tax Services

As your business grows, so does the challenge of keeping current with the overwhelming number of ever-changing state and local tax laws and regulations.

Being caught by aggressive state and local governments tax collection methods and strict penalties for non-compliance can seriously impair the financial performance of your business.

The RubinBrown State and Local Tax Services (SALT) Group’s direct experience with all categories of state and local tax matters helps you proactively manage your business’ state and local tax obligations. The RubinBrown SALT Services Group offers a complete range of consulting, compliance and dispute resolution services to meet the challenge of managing your growing operations.

Income & Franchise Tax Services

Actively addressing your business’ tax position relating to revenue, profits as well as the net worth of your business is important. Our team provides the following services to achieve your goals:

  • Tax compliance and consulting
  • Nexus (filing requirements) review 
  • Voluntary disclosure strategies
  • Amnesty program application assistance
  • Refund analysis and recovery of overpaid taxes
  • Income and Franchise tax refund review 
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence consulting
  • Audit representation, written protests, appeals and negotiations
  • Operational tax planning
  • IRS Revenue Agent Report (RAR) compliance and outsourcing

Real & Personal Property Tax

Owning and operating real and personal business property can create reporting requirements and direct expenses to the bottom line. Effectively managing your company’s assets can provide an opportunity to reallocate resources from current cash flows. Our team provides the following services:

  • Personal property tax reporting
  • Asset classification
  • Cost segregation and unrecorded disposal analysis
  • Valuation review and assessment challenges
  • Audit representation, written protests, appeals and negotiations
  • Litigation support
  • Real property transfer taxes and fees

Sales & Use Tax Services

Administrating transactional taxes pose significant risks relating to proper taxability determinations, process implementation and reporting. Our team mitigates those risks with the following services:

  • Tax compliance and consulting
  • Nexus (filing requirements) review
  • Voluntary disclosure strategies
  • Amnesty program application assistance
  • Refund analysis and recovery of excess taxes
  • Merger and acquisition due diligence consulting
  • Audit representation, written protests, appeals and negotiations
  • Automated sales tax integration analysis
  • Operational tax planning

Credits & Incentives

Ever-evolving programs are available as your business grows and expands. Our services identify, negotiate, secure and monitor:

  • Exemptions and abatements
  • Tax credits
  • Grants
  • Discretionary Incentive packages
  • Reimbursements for training expenses
  • Below-market financing arrangements
  • Energy Rate Reductions
  • Research and experimentation quantification and claims

Multistate Tax Physical (MTP)

RubinBrown’s Multistate Tax Physical (MTP) is a low cost service provided to help businesses get a better handle on their state and local taxes. The MTP is:

  • Designed to help companies achieve significant state and local tax savings enjoyed by their competitors.
  • A process of identifying and implementing solutions that will have a meaningful impact on owner value while managing downside risk.
  • A scaleable process that takes into account both direct and indirect taxes. We also may consider non-tax issues that are affected by these strategies (e.g., accounting, operational, legal, regulatory, etc.).
  • A solution which enables a company to look beyond current compliance requirements and focus on the key issues that drive the state and local tax costs of doing business.

Through a review and analysis of current operations, as well as future business goals, we can deliver business-driven solutions that will help your company optimize profits and cash flow, while also managing tax costs as your business continues to grow and to limit unanticipated state tax exposure.

Key areas of operations for companies subject to multistate taxation include, but are not limited to:

  • Revenue per state
  • Sales force
  • Warehousing
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Capital expenditures

The MTP can yield financial benefits for companies that:

  • Do not have current year taxable income. For example, there may be opportunities to reduce employment tax expense, which is often a very sizable component of overall tax costs for a growing business.
  • Have other above the line taxes. Property tax and sales/use tax must be considered for review for each business operation.
  • Are contemplating an expansion of an existing facility or relocation of its workforce. Tax credits or other economic incentives may be used to offset the cost of modernization or relocation.

Organizations that know their state and local profile usually see the following benefits:

  • Increased bottom line
  • Increased cash flow
  • Optimal use of invested capital
  • Sustained competitive advantage
  • Mitigate risk

The MTP concludes with a written report, summarizing the areas reviewed and discussion points for additional consideration. The report will cover areas of potential refund opportunities, liabilities, planning, and additional review.



Focus on State and Local Taxation: California Partial Conformity to Federal PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules

On April 29, 2021, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed California Assembly Bill 80 (“A.B. 80”), which largely conforms to federal rules regarding deductibility of expenses paid with funds from forgiven Paycheck Protection Program (“PPP”) loans.


Focus on State and Local Taxation: Illinois Tax Amnesty Program

On June 5, 2019, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed legislation enacting a tax amnesty program scheduled to run from October 1, 2019 through November 15, 2019.


Focus on State & Local Taxation: Missouri Extends Statute of Limitations on Sales and Use Tax Refunds

On July 11, 2019, Governor Parson signed Senate Bill 87, which extends the statute of limitations for sales and use tax refunds.

All State & Local Tax News

Income & Franchise Tax Services

National Manufacturer
The manufacturer was contacted by a state in which the client was not filing corporate income tax returns. RubinBrown assisted with the response to the nexus questionnaire and in doing so was able to convince the state that the company was not subject to their corporate income tax laws because the activities were limited to the mere solicitation of sales of tangible personal property. The estimated tax savings was more than $100,000. 

Sales & Use Tax Services

Nationwide Retailer
The estimated tax savings was more than $100,000. Applying existing case law and state statutes, RubinBrown SALT professionals were able to identify errors in reported taxable sales for sales tax purposes. We were successful in achieving tax refunds of $1.2 million from various states.

Real & Personal Property Tax 

Full Service Hotel
Following the periodic reassessment of real property, our professionals used an innovative valuation model to obtain more than $110,000 of first year’s tax savings for this top of the line hotel facility.

Credits & Incentives

Public Relations Firm
The estimated tax savings was more than $100,000. RubinBrown reviewed income tax returns for the past three years that had previously been reviewed by an internationally known accounting firm. We were able to identify and document a seldom utilized tax credit that resulted in tax refunds of more than $360,000 for the client. 

Unclaimed Property & Escheats Laws 

National Service Provider
An inquiry from a state prompted this client to engage RubinBrown to assist them with an Unclaimed Property review. Our services included recommending appropriate internal control policies to be incorporated in future business transactions. Additionally we assisted the client with voluntary disclosures to limit their exposure to future potential liabilities.

State & Local Tax Resources

The RubinBrown State and Local Tax Group has compiled a list of valuable online resources we feel may be helpful to you and your business. Below you will find links to various tools and Web sites related to state and local tax laws and regulations.


Electronic Tax Handbook

The handbook is an electronic tool that assembles many different tax research resources into one convenient Web page. This tool is provided by the Taxpayers Research Institute of Missouri, a division of Associated Industries of Missouri.


State Departments of Revenue 

Access a complete listing of departments of revenue organized by state, including the District of Columbia.

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Institute for Professionals in Taxation