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The Illinois Senate overrode the Governor’s veto and passed new legislation, Senate Bill 9, that will increase the income tax rate for individuals and corporations, reinstate the research and development (R&D) tax credit as well as adding a tax addback for IRC 199 and provisions for unitary business groups.

As part of a new integrated tax system, the Missouri Department of Revenue has established new filing requirements for sales and use tax forms that will become effective August 1, 2017. Filers will recognize several formatting changes along with modified codes for identifying business locations.

Recently passed legislation expands upon the Missouri Works Training Program. Originally enacted in 2013, the program was established to consolidate Missouri’s workforce programs into a single streamlined program.

Senate Bill 16 has been sent to the Governor for signature after it was passed through the Missouri House.  If signed, this bill will reinstate the sales and use tax exemption of delivery charges which were called into question after the Missouri Supreme Court ruling on Alberici Constructors, Inc. v. Director of Revenue.
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