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Email phishing attacks are sent to us at work, home and anywhere else we have email. Most of us use email filters to check these emails and cut down the number of bad messages we receive, but sometimes these filters can be bypassed. Avanan’s Global Phish Report analyzed more than 55 million emails and found that 1 out of every 100 contained a phishing attack.

It’s that time of year when many businesses will be receiving a notice of value in the mail containing a reassessed value of their property. This could potentially mean an increase in property tax liabilities and significantly impact a business’s operating expenses and bottom line.

In summary, the article details that the newly created qualified opportunity zones offer an intriguing tax planning option for investors and a potential boon for distressed communities.

RubinBrown Partner Tony Nitti recently took part in a nonpartisan tax think tank which debated the pros and cons of the new Section 199A, more widely known as the 20% pass-through deduction. 
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